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‘A bad apple’: mayor rejects claim Bondi locals are ‘a bit racist’

“I do believe @xsespresso are sorry and after speaking to staff, I do believe the Bondi location was simply a bad apple,” he wrote on Instagram.

Mr Oluwalana went public last week with claims his manager had told him that there had been complaints about his coffee by locals who “were a bit racist”.

“So I am like, ‘Oh so that’s the real reason then’, and he’s like, ‘Yeah, they like their coffee made by the people that are there already, by the barista that’s there already’, who’s a white guy,” he said.

The coffee chain said on social media that it was “deeply saddened” by the incident, which it described as gross misconduct that should not have happened.

“As a brand we stand in solidarity against systemic racism, and are extremely disheartened and grieved that inequality was amongst us,” XS Espresso said on Facebook. “As a company we are auditing every part of our business to uncover racism and inequality.”

Cr Masselos said the manager of the cafe should think “very carefully” about his words and actions as “these have the power to hurt”.


“I sincerely hope that he finds it in his heart to reinstate the sacked barista, or at the very least apologise, and I hope for the sake of this young man, the matter with his employer is resolved,” she said.

Cr Masselos said she did not believe Bondi residents would condone racist behaviour.

“Bondi is built on multiculturalism and is home to people from all over the world,” she said. “To suggest that the Bondi community is racist is an unfair comment and one that I strongly reject.”

Emmanuel Constantinou, president of the Bondi and Districts Chamber of Commerce, said the organisation was not aware of any problem with racism in the area and had not been advised of any other similar incidents.

“Local residents should express and conform with the views of the wider Australian community that discrimination on the basis of race is unacceptable and un-Australian,” he said.

A Darlinghurst cafe shut its doors in 2014 following a backlash after the owner reportedly told barista Nilson Dos Santos: “My customers are white. I don’t think they’d like to have their coffee made by black people.

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