Saturday , July 11 2020
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French demonstrators stage protests against police violence

Last week, it emerged that the French government agreed to pay 145,000 euros ($162,000) to Dieng’s relatives after 13 years of legal wrangling.

Demonstrations have erupted across the globe decrying racism and police brutality after the brutal death in the United States last month of Black American George Floyd.


In Paris, both of Saturday’s protests were authorised by French authorities, who have been exercising caution over protests in recent weeks as the country emerges from coronavirus restrictions.

Other protests on Saturday in the French capital have, however, been banned, including an anti-racism demonstration near the US Embassy by the Black African Defense League, and another protest linked to recent violence involving Chechens in the French city of Dijon.

A small group of activists staged a flash protest Saturday outside the French Health Ministry in support of state medical workers, who are demanding higher pay and more hospital staff after France’s once-renowned health care system struggled to cope with the virus crisis following years of cost cuts.

The protesters sprayed red paint on the ministry building, symbolising blood, and on a mock medal.


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