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Target and superquiz, Thursday, June 25

Today’s Target: 25 words, good; 37 words, very good; 50 words, excellent.

Wednesday’s solution: advise, adviser, aver, avid, dervish, diva, divan, dive, diver, drive, driven, have, haven, hive, invade, invader, naive, nave, rave, raved, raven, ravine, ravish, ravished, rive, rived, riven, save, saved, saver, shave, shaved, shaven, shaver, shiver, shrive, shrived, shriven, vain, vainer, vane, vanish, vanished, varied, varnish, VARNISHED, vase, vein, vend, vera, viand, vide, vied, vine, visa, visne

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