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‘He looked at me like I was some boofhead’: The face-off between Ray Warren and Snoop Dogg on Qantas flight

To this day Warren is yet to hear a Snoop song. He prefers Elton John, Abba and Vera Lynn.

“I was flying to Brisbane, I have a feeling it was around Melbourne Cup time, when this guy [Snoop Dogg] had engagements all over the place,” Warren said. “I’m a lover of sitting next to the window, even though I hate flying.

Snoop Dogg in Redfern in 2008.

Snoop Dogg in Redfern in 2008.Credit:Fairfax Photographic

“And the staff at Qantas, having taken a look at my profile, know I’m a fearful flyer and always bring me a drink as early into the flight as they can.

“I was sitting in 2A when these fellows, who were part of some entourage, came on board.

“The guy who sat in front of me in 1A was Snoop.

“As the girl brought me a drink and I put the drink on the table in front of me, this guy, who has been in his seat no more than five minutes, decides to hit the recliner button. And I’ve ended up with a lapful of liquid.

“I’ve managed to stand up and say, ‘what the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?’ Maybe I used a stronger word than that.

“Anyway, in a matter of seconds, I’m surrounded by these big beefy blokes, his entourage, and I had no idea who they were or who this guy was in front of me. I looked at the size of them and decided to sit back down. Quickly.


”When we got off the plane, one of my mates who was sitting near me said, ‘do you know who that was?’ I said, ‘I don’t have a bloody clue, but whoever it was he was bloody rude’.

“It turns out it was Snoop Dogg. He didn’t speak to me. He looked at me like I was some boofhead.”

Snoop had previously been barred by the Australian government from entering the country because of drugs and firearms offences but was given the green light to return in 2008. He caused frantic scenes when he arrived at Redfern, and even donned a Souths jersey.

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