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Target and superquiz, Tuesday, July 28

Today’s Target: 29 words, good; 44 words, very good; 59 words, excellent.

Yesterday’s Target: aegis, aged, agent, agist, agisted, angst, dating, degas, deign, design, DESIGNATE, digest, ding, easing, eating, edge, edgiest, egad, eigne, gain, gained, gait, gaited, gast, gate, gated, geed, gees, gene, genet, genie, gent, giant, gist, gnat, ingest, ingested, negate, negated, sage, sang, sating, seating, sedating, sedge, seeding, seeing, siege, sign, signa, signed, signet, sing, singe, singed, snag, stag, stage, staged, sting, tang, teasing, teeing, tinge, tinged

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