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Target and superquiz, Wednesday, July 29

Today’s Target: 29 words, good; 44 words, very good; 59 words, excellent.

Yesterday’s Target: abbot, abet, abort, absent, absorb, ABSORBENT, babe, bane, banter, barb, bare, barest, barn, barnet, baron, baronet, barton, base, baser, bast, baste, bate, baton, bean, bear, beast, beat, bent, best, beta, boar, boast, boaster, boat, boater, bone, borate, bore, born, borne, bote, brae, bran, brat, breast, brent, ebbs, nabob, rabbet, robe, sabot, sabre, snob, sober, sorb, sorbet, stab, strobe, tabor

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