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‘Stupid, immature’: Carlisle avoids ban for targeting Rampe’s hand

Swans players were furious with Carlisle, with several remonstrating immediately. The club, however, did not comment when asked about the incident on Sunday, preferring to leave the matter in the hands of the AFL.

Former Hawthorn great Jordan Lewis was critical of Carlisle’s actions, saying they were “certainly not a great look”.

“We sat upstairs and watched it and said it was “stupid, immature, didn’t need to be done”, there was nothing to be achieved by that,” Lewis said on Fox Footy.

“He would expect something to come his way, whether it’s a suspension or a fine. There needs to be because it just didn’t look great.”

Dane Rampe wore a glove on his right hand against St Kilda, days after undergoing surgery on a broken hand.

Dane Rampe wore a glove on his right hand against St Kilda, days after undergoing surgery on a broken hand.Credit:Getty

Western Bulldogs legend Brad Johnson was also critical of Carlisle. Johnson played in a game in 2002 in which his teammate Steve Kretiuk targeted former Essendon goalkicking star Matthew Lloyd’s injured hand.

“It’s not fair game,” Johnson said. “You just can’t be doing that. Rampe’s teammates had to come to his defence to try and get him out the way.

“Yes he’s playing injured, they already know that, but I’m not a big fan of that.”


St Kilda’s Steven Baker was handed a nine-game suspension in 2010 for a range of offences in a game against Geelong, including misconduct for “unreasonable and unnecessary contact” by hitting the injured hand of Steve Johnson.

Greater Western Sydney’s Adam Kennedy was penalised a free kick for knocking the injured elbow of Brisbane forward Charlie Cameron behind play but received no further sanction.

Swans coach John Longmire was disappointed with his side’s performance, particularly in the last quarter when they were outscored six goals to one, but said youth was not an excuse.

“I think that’s the reality of playing younger players, but there’s also got to be a standard that we keep driving,” Longmire said.

“We just don’t sit there and say ‘OK, we’ve got a young team and we’ve got some blokes learning the game’, we’ve got to say ‘this is what’s acceptable and here’s the areas we have to improve’.

“We’ve got to keep driving that standard and making sure no matter what we do, we get better at it.”

The Swans are back in action on Thursday night against Collingwood at the Gabba before heading over to Perth.

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