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Ben Polson climbs to Australian Ninja Warrior glory

“While I’m a tall guy, standing underneath there, it really got me. You see it on TV, and it’s
big, but when I saw her in person, you start to doubt your own abilities,” Polson said.

His climb to the top was careful and collected. Both Ben and Olivia spent countless hours undertaking ropes training, preparing for the final trial.

Unlike the power couple, Zak Stoltz and Charlie Robbins took to Mt Midoriyama with a considerable disadvantage, not having any rope training for the day. Polson conquered the obstacle in 00:25:56 seconds.

“I already had trained 12 months on that rope climb, I had the technique down, I had the
breathing down,” Polson said.

The Perth man took out the title on Monday.

The Perth man took out the title on Monday.Credit:Nine

“The other two boys were out the back the whole time, practising the four-metre training rope, 15 minutes before the climb.”

Polson plans to come back to the show in 2021.

“I was scared to win this year, which is a really odd thing to say. I know I’m capable of
winning, but what happens after that,” he said.

“Looking at the competition, it’s been four years of my life, full of motivation. So, by
winning, I was afraid that I would lose my drive for the sport.”

Polson told of how he had been the victim of horrific bullying and verbal harassment as he grew up.

“I did this for all the little Bens, I was bullied a lot and was an outcast. I tried to fit in and got
picked on, which took away all my confidence… I succeeded for little Ben,” he said.

Olivia Vivian in action.

Olivia Vivian in action.Credit:Nine

Vivian has placed her focus on next year’s season of Australia Ninja Warrior, and she wants all
young women with any interest to sign up to their local ninja gyms.

“Ninja changed my whole life… and I want other women to experience what it did for me,” she said.

The couple are preparing for the new two-part State of Origin series, placing the top ninjas from
each state in a head to head brutal competition.

The power duo from Perth, are currently in Queensland and are not able to return home due
to COVID-19 restrictions. Watch Sunday’s big clash on Nine at 7:00 PM.

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