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‘Just give us some compassion’: Family plead for funeral exemption

“We have contacted Brett Sutton’s office to ask for an exemption because [Jasper] is being breast fed and … we don’t want to leave him out of his father’s funeral and be babysat,” Mrs Fox said.

“All we got back was a generic email that had a reference number on it, listing all the rules and said ‘no’.

“We are just a number and there is no compassion and no consideration. We like many other people have abided by all the rules of this COVID-19 but there’s no consideration.

“Please I’m begging, can someone just give us some compassion.”

Mr Fox had been working alone underneath a house when it’s believed he was electrocuted on Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs Fox said her son’s death had been both emotional and traumatic for his family with the likes of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg even reaching out to offer his condolences.

She said under the current COVID-19 restrictions, her family was not able to leave Jasper with a babysitter.

“If we could get any help, a little bit of leeway, it would make a world of difference to us,” Mrs Fox said.

“We don’t want [the cemetery or the funeral parlour] to get a fine for us trying to sneak Jasper in.

“We’re trying to do the right thing.”

His family wrote the 37-year-old was a gentle, kind and honest father, son and brother who lived and worked for his two young sons.

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