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‘Where is the ruthless anger?’ Lloyd hits out at Bombers

“It’s a nice football club where everyone is just plodding along saying, ‘We’ve got some injuries, we’ve got this, it’s a transition and a new coach’.

“Again, Essendon will finish 10th or 11th and miss another finals series and they haven’t won a final for 15 years.

“The club, administration-wise, is very patient, whether it’s John Worsfold or [club CEO] Xavier Campbell. They’re very patient, whereas if you ask any supporter base or the coteries, they are furious, they are ropable.”

Lloyd said the club’s constant refusal to tag the best player on an opposing team, as shown by Richmond star Dustin Martin’s performance on the weekend, was a prime example of the Bombers lacking a ruthless edge.

“Where is the [want] to go and hunt Richmond’s best player?” he asked.

“Where I look at Essendon is, I think they’re a system-based team and that means we won’t go and hunt anyone or tag anyone.

“I look at Dustin Martin, what he’s done to Essendon over the past few years is staggering, so Martin just went out there and played the game he wanted to play.

“You look at teams like GWS, Matt de Boer has frustrated him at times, Brisbane, with Mitch Robinson, has hunted him.

“Teams who are wanting to go somewhere will go after you.”

Essendon’s on-field struggle leaves them in a precarious position moving forward, after heavy investments in the trade period over the last few years.

While the club has recruited stars such as Jake Stringer, Devon Smith, Adam Saad and Dylan Shiel to try and win a premiership, Lloyd said he preferred the club to hold onto its assets in order to develop its own stars.

Lloyd said the Bombers were just "plodding along".

Lloyd said the Bombers were just “plodding along”.Credit:Getty Images

“It’s at the point now where I ask myself about Essendon: what do they do? They’ve bought in Stringer, Saad, Shiel and Smith, but now I think to myself they’ve gone past the point of [winning a premiership],” he said.

“Now after all that and bringing players into the club, I really hope that they hold onto draft picks because it’s about getting good players into the club.”


When asked if he meant the club should go into a full-fledged rebuild, Lloyd said “not fully”, but suggested that he wanted the team go to the draft this year.

“I don’t see a premiership next year starting with a new coach, so I don’t want to be seeing more players bought into this club,” he said.

“They’ve got a top-10 draft pick the way they’re going to finish this season, they’ve won one of their last seven games, and I’d be holding onto the draft selections because I just think why bring another one into the club when it hasn’t helped them over the last two or three years?”

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