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Target Time and superquiz, Wednesday, August 26


Using the nine letters in the grid, how many words of four letters or more can you list? The centre letter must be included and each letter may be used only once. No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural words ending in “s”.

Reference source: Macquarie Dictionary.


Today’s Target: 49 words, average; 52 words, good; 56+ words, excellent.

Yesterday’s Target: doit, doom, door, DORMITORY, dory, droit, mood, moody, moor, moort, moot, mort, motor, omit, ordo, riot, rood, room, roomy, root, roti, rotor, ryot, tody, tori, toroid, torr, torrid, trio, trod, troy, tyro.

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