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Maduro pardons political prisoners ahead of Venezuelan elections

The opposition is split over whether to take part in the vote. Before Monday’s announcement, Guaido had said he would boycott it, while former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles has openly weighed participating.

Opposition leader Nicolas Maduro.

Opposition leader Nicolas Maduro.Credit:Getty Images

“The government is using political prisoners as bargaining chips,” said Caracas-based political analyst Dimitris Pantoulas. “It’s focused on weakening Guaido and creating major divisions among the opposition.”

Among those to be freed from jail are Popular Will lawmakers Renzo Prieto, who was detained in March, and Gilber Caro, who was jailed in December for his alleged role in planning an attack on a military installation.

Guevara is currently a refugee at the Chilean embassy in Caracas, after the government accused him of promoting violent anti-government protests that left more than 100 dead and he lost his parliamentary immunity.

Guaido and his ally Leopoldo Lopez, were not on the list, and neither were former Chavez ministers Raul Baduel and Miguel Rodriguez Torres.


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