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Secret suburban gigs to surprise, delight at Brisbane Festival

While the festival will be different this year, Ms Bezzina said the 195 pop-up concerts would bring the festivities out to the suburbs.

“The whole point of this program is to take the festival to the people of Brisbane, to give them something really beautiful and exciting,” she told the committee.

Performers include contemporary music, cabaret, jazz, circus, and world and classical music.

The program will require four trucks to carry stages around the suburbs, with hints of their locations posted to a Brisbane Festival Facebook group.

But owing to the 10-person gathering restrictions and other challenges in managing large crowds, their exact locations and times cannot be made public.

Instead, the festival hopes people who hear music drifting down their street will head out to investigate and discover a musical celebration in their suburb.

Ms Bezzina said the 20-minute sets were designed specifically to avoid large crowds developing, while some concerts at larger venues would be slightly longer.

“There are three key principles in everything we’re delivering across the festival,” she said.

“These include physical distancing requirements, contact tracing, and hygiene and sanitisation management at all our events.”

The festival will offer more than 20 ticketed events, with appearances from Megan Washington, Katie Noonan, and other noted artists and performers.

Light and laser shows, and sculptures of giant finches dotted across the city will also encourage people to look up, smile and enjoy the city, Ms Bezzina said.

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