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Mexico says 122,765 extra people have died during pandemic

Mexico’s reported coronavirus deaths at the start of August stood at just over 47,000, suggesting more people may have been dying from the virus than originally reported.

The ministry officials said the excess deaths, calculated to be above the four-year average of nationwide fatalities from 2015 to 2018, does not mean they have all died from the coronavirus, and may have died from other causes.

But Ricardo Cortes Alcala, the director-general of Health Promotion, conceded the coronavirus has inflicted a heavy toll on Mexico’s population.

“A new biological agent that is introduced … from the wild animal kingdom to humans, will always cause an excess burden of disease, as we are seeing very clearly, and an excess burden of mortality,” he said.

“What we want is that this load is as low as possible,” he added.

On Saturday, the health ministry reported 6319 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infections and 475 additional fatalities.

On Friday, Mexico’s coronavirus czar, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, said the steady decline in the new coronavirus cases had stalled between August 9 and August 22.

“This is certainly disconcerting because we all would like this to decrease until the epidemic disappears,” he said.


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