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Bulldogs on brink of civil war as coup to remove board trio begins

Anderson, Ballesty and Dunn will have 21 days to respond to the letter and organise an EGM, and should they choose to dig their heels in they could be headed to a vote within 21 days after that.

The coup is believed to have been driven by one of the club’s primary sponsors, which has spoken to other backers of the Bulldogs and disgruntled voting members. It has gathered enough signatures to force an EGM under the club’s constitution.

Bulldogs chair Lynne Anderson.

Bulldogs chair Lynne Anderson.Credit:Wolter Peeters

Anderson, the daughter of Bulldogs godfather Peter “Bullfrog” Moore, led a ticket which swept to power at the club’s elections in 2018, ending chairman Ray Dib’s reign.

But despite being re-elected earlier this year, the Bulldogs have been grappling with boardroom rifts and uneasy supporters demanding change, even despite the club parting ways with Dean Pay and appointing Penrith assistant Barrett as its new coach from 2021.

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