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‘I would welcome back Hird to Essendon any time’: Sheedy


“I would welcome back James Hird to Essendon any time. His knowledge is fantastic, that wouldn’t worry me at all,” Sheedy told 3AW.

The Bombers hope Sheedy’s experience will be invaluable, for he will be available to inexperienced coach Ben Rutten as a mentor, but Sheedy said he did not know football department chief Daniel Richardson well. Sheedy said he would examine how the football department operated and noted Ross Lyon, Mark Williams and Michael Voss were former senior coaches whom could also help the Bombers in an assistant role.

The fallout of the supplements saga continues, including player discontent and club culture issues, leading to more drama in recent days with Joe Daniher and Adam Saad opting to leave.

“The club has done everything it can for Joe Daniher to get up over the last few years,” Sheedy said.


“If Carlton want to come picking [off] Essendon like they always do, they want to get up the ladder, well, they will pay $1.5 million for Saad and get Williams out of Western Sydney, well good luck to them. We will step back and pick what we need to get right for Ben Rutten to have a chance to be a good coach.”

There is still a small sting in the tail of the supplements saga, for one applicant has sought a possible hearing at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in February, seeking the full release of documents by the Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority (ASADA).

“I would love to have been on the board when they appointed Dank and the ‘Weapon’ [Robinson] … they wouldn’t have lasted long,” Sheedy said.

“The club has gone through an enormous amount of turmoil with the supplements saga. To be honest, some of the contracts have been loyal to the players as they went through that, a couple of the boys are still there on those contracts.

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