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Green Guide letters: TV viewers have their say

Listing situation

Every week on the same pages as ‘Your week on free TV’ there is a section called ‘Pay TV’. Then under that is ‘Movies’, which regularly lists items showing on Stan or Netflix – shouldn’t they be in the ‘Pay TV’ section? After all, those services are not free!

Keith Wilson, Rye

Grant ageing beautifully

Hugh Grant “old, ugly”? Never! Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Gregory Peck and Paul Newman matured into handsome older actors and so has he. I’ll never forget how he nailed it in A Very English Scandal. I hope he grows old disgracefully!

Myra Fisher, Brighton East

Fennell nails role

Gosh, I’m impressed with Marc Fennell. He is so easy to listen to, very articulate, is knowledgeable, respectful and seems like a genuinely nice guy. It’s a shame I didn’t discover him earlier.

Barbara Hilling, Watsonia

A treat to watch

Thank you Ben Pobjie for the excellent review of the new series Victoria (ABC). It is beautiful to watch with the wonderful costumes and sets but best of all, it is a genuine historical saga and not, as Pobjie writes, a “high gloss soap” such as The Crown. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Susan Munday, Bentleigh East

Women miss out

So disappointing to see that the upcoming ABC documentary series on trailblazers in sport (Brock: Over the Top; Walkabout Wickets; Capturing Cricket: Steve Waugh in India; and WAYNE) only features men. What happened to the acknowledgement and promotion of the achievements of the very many iconic women in sport?

Lynda Clifford, Fitzroy

Speers needs to get off stage

Orchids to Andrew McNicoll (Letters, October 15), I agree, David Speers is “not good enough” for Insiders; Barrie Cassidy he ain’t. His persistent and annoying style of interrupting guests and panellists alike is embarrassing. He forgets he’s like trees on a golf course: they “serve as the scenery, but never part of the stage” (to quote golf course architect Harry Colt).

Bruce Davison, Glen Iris

We miss you still, Mike

Oh, how we miss Mike Larkan! Through presenting the weather each day from different locations across Melbourne, to the primary schools he visited each week to Give a Dog a Home on Fridays, he connected Channel Ten to the wider community, always in the most amiable way.

Now the weather news is delivered by a cookie-cutter presenter interchangeable with the other commercial stations, who stands (or walks across) in front of a screen that we could quite easily access on our phones. No offence, they are just doing their job, but how we miss you still, Mike.

Lee Palmer, Albert Park

Gruen line-up industry indicator?

After 11 years, why are the three men the week-to-week regulars and the unnamed women get the visitors’ parts on Gruen?

Or is that just how the advertising industry still runs?

Robert Townsend, Kew

Food wastage leaves sour taste

Junior MasterChef is delightful as expected. What’s not to love with such clever and natural contestants and three kind and down-to-earth judges? But, whose idea was it to waste such huge amounts of food on the blindfold challenge? It’s never OK to waste food. That was completely stupid.

Liz Danenberg, Mildura

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