Friday , December 4 2020
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Parents can return to school grounds for speech days, P&C meetings

The partial lifting of restrictions on parent access to school sites follows the end of Higher School Certificate exams, which education officials had feared could be disrupted by an outbreak of coronavirus.

Schools have been asking families to drop their children off outside the gate since students returned to school in late May, and have not held fundraisers or community events this year. Many parents say they have missed the contact with teachers and other parents.

Mr Scott congratulated schools and their communities for their efforts, and called on them to remain vigilant about their hand hygiene.

“Carefully allowing additional activities to take place at schools will give our school communities a welcome return to some normality in what has been a long and challenging year for our students, educators, parents and carers,” Mr Scott said.

“Schools across the state have shown outstanding resilience and flexibility in adapting to the many changes that have taken place this year and they should be applauded for the critical part they have played in the response to the pandemic.”

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