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Not all trophy hunters are bad people

Last week we published an urgent request for assistance from Jane Ellis (C8) of Cremorne. Jane had thrown out what she thought was a box of old trophies, only to discover they were needed. Jane writes with good news: “Many thanks to the person who returned the World Deaf Golf Championship trophy to my veranda. Still, however, looking for the Australian Deaf Golf Championship trophy.” C’mon Cremorne. Let’s complete the set!

“Ike wasn’t the only Dwight to be shortened (C8). Reg, being short, was lengthened to Elton. Dwight, being long, was shortened to John,” observes Steve Cornelius of Brookvale. “On the topic of our habit of altering people’s names: back in the day I enjoyed spoonerising my school friends’ names, being somewhat immune to it myself,” says David Davies of Drummoyne.

We think he’s an agitator but Mark Morgan of Wahroonga asks: “Have other readers found, and can any of them explain why, washing machines seem to almost always undo zips during the wash?”

Bad day for the pale horse? “In Monday’s Herald, there was only one listing in the deaths and funerals notices. Is this a record?” asks Allan Gibson of Cherrybrook.

The latest linguistic annoyance (C8) is served up by John Cameron of Noosa (Qld): “Has anyone lost a tennis match that hasn’t been ‘bundled out’?”

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