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Dean Nalder sounds off at Liberal Party powerbrokers

Retiring Bateman MP Dean Nalder has revealed he did not have the support of upper house Liberal Party power brokers Nick Goiran and Peter Collier and took aim at how they were running the party.

Speaking to media outside his electorate office on Monday, the former Barnett government transport minister said it was unlikely he would gain the support back after the election either and said the Liberal party had challenges ahead, the first being the selection of his replacement for his blue-ribbon seat.

Dean Nalder.

Dean Nalder.Credit:James Mooney

“It’s very clear I don’t have the support of Nick Goiran or Peter Collier, if you do look at who is leaving or who could potentially come in, that support won’t be there after the election, irrespective of the result,” he said.

“I’m not a full supporter of the powerbrokers and, the way that they are running the party, I think it poses a really interesting challenge for the preselection of Bateman and I hope the Liberal party can choose the best possible person for the position and it not be a factional appointment.”

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