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Next gen gaming is not about raw power this time

Meanwhile the PS5 DualSense controller continues to blow me away.

For the uninitiated, DualSense’s flagship features are haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The former can pinpoint sensations in different areas on the gamepad allowing you to feel even the most minute details relative to the action on screen, while the adaptive triggers can change their tension on the fly, creating a variety of tactile illusions during gameplay.


Astro’s Playroom, which is a free game included with every PS5 console, showcases what the DualSense can really do from simulating the sensation of different terrain as your character traverses the environment, to replicating the feeling of raindrops in your hand or the elastic tension of pulling a bow string before firing an arrow.

However it was Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War that actually sold me on the DualSense. Triggers now have a resistance to them just like an actual gun, and that resistance changes based on the weapon you’re wielding.

Pistols can be tapped with your finger much more quickly, machine guns require just a bit more pressure and a sniper rifle even more than that.

The triggers also deliver their own kickback simulating recoil perfectly while the haptic feedback vibrates to the specific fire rate. It makes every gun feel uniquely different from each other, and the gunplay that much more tactile and satisfying. The effect is so convincing that I’ve defaulted to buying shooters on the PS5 over any other platform.

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