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Twitter was right to ban Donald Trump

I support freedom of speech and democracy – and that is why I support Twitter banning Donald Trump.

Democracy and freedom depend on twin principles: first, that government should be for the people by the people, that the people have the freedom to debate the future of their country, and that governments are elected in free and fair elections. Second, that everyone is equal before the law and fairly judged on their conduct, not on who they are.

Twitter has banned Donald Trump.

Twitter has banned Donald Trump.Credit:AP

No country has done more to advance the cause of freedom and democracy than the United States. Since World War II, it has led the free world, stood firm against an authoritarian Soviet Union, and created an international system of rules where disputes between countries are settled through diplomacy, treaties, and courts – not arms, wars and conflict.

But it’s biggest contribution to the cause of liberty and democracy has been the example it has set at home. For centuries, America’s leaders have come to power not through force of arms or birth, but with endorsement from their fellow citizens. America’s courts have applied the law, not the will of the powerful. They have protected the rights of women to control their bodies, while also protecting the right to religious worship. America has enfranchised a people who used to be its slaves.

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