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Trump’s record of attempting the terrible – and making a mess of even that

Donald Trump’s presidency reminds one of the joke Woody Allen tells in Annie Hall, about the two old ladies at a restaurant. “The food here is terrible,” one says. “Yes,” agrees the other, “and such small portions.”

In Trump’s case, he attempted so many terrible things, and yet did just about all of them badly. He was wrong-headed and not up to the job, and in the end that may have saved the country.

Fumbler in chief ... Donald Trump.

Fumbler in chief … Donald Trump.
Credit:Getty Images

His hapless promise to “build a wall” at the US border with Mexico was a financial, managerial and political pratfall. Trump did his best to undercut NATO, and undercut as well Ukraine’s moves towards the west. Biden will quickly repair the alliance, and as for Ukraine, that produced Trump’s first impeachment.

Donald Trump could have pressed home the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and made himself the worldwide symbol
crusading against China’s increasingly horrific human rights violations. That would have pummelled chna with a united group of competitors and ongoing lasting damage to its global brand. Instead, Trump was just an inconstant and reckless China-basher.

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