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I put customised prescription skincare to the test

Dyptique Car Diffuser and scented 
insert, $147.

Dyptique Car Diffuser and scented insert, $147. Credit:Jennifer Soo

Morning: gentle cleanse, apply the Day Brightening Elixir ($220) and SPF50+ sunscreen. Night: use a gentle cleanser followed by Cellular Repair Night Cream – Sensitive ($220) and Choose For Me Eye Cream ($200).

Downtime The questionnaire took a good half hour to complete.

Pain factor None.

Results I am at the three-month mark and have been applying the suggested pea-sized amounts. My skin tone looks more even thanks to ingredients that include ascorbyl palmitate, tretinoin, niacinamide, co-enzyme Q10, kojic acid and hydroquinone.

Ecoya Fragranced Car Diffuser in Sakura, $20

Ecoya Fragranced Car Diffuser in Sakura, $20Credit:Jennifer Soo

Where to get it The Secret Skincare; thesecretskincare.com.au.

At home Try their newest product, The Secret Serum (thesecretskincare.com.au, $130). It pulls moisture into the skin with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and panthenol, helping to improve the skin’s barrier function. Wear it under the Day Brightening Elixir and you’ll have all bases covered.

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Whether you attach them to an air vent or dangle them from your rear-view mirror, once you have installed a car diffuser you won’t look back. The mood-lifting scents of these fragrant finds will have your car smelling like roses. Start your engines!

Moolicious Car Diffuser, $8.

Moolicious Car Diffuser, $8.Credit:Jennifer Soo

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My thumbnails are my Achilles heel, as it were, so Mavala Scientifique K+ Pro Keratin (mavala.com.au, $31), is a godsend for hardening the tips. Simply apply to polish-free nail tips two to three times a week.

Ask Steph

How can I make my pores look smaller?
Use a primer as this will help to not only disguise pores, it will smooth skin texture and extend the life of your foundation. We love The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer (adorebeauty.com.au, $8.80), not just for its price but also its adaptive silicones, which mattify, hydrate and blur. Get it on!

Mavala Scientifique K+ Pro Keratin.

Mavala Scientifique K+ Pro Keratin.Credit:Jennifer Soo

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