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Tokyo Olympics LIVE updates: 62-year-old Aussie wins silver medal; Biles to compete

Andrew Hoy, 62, at his eighth Games, with a clear round and that’s a silver medal at least for Australia.

Andrew Hoy in action.

Andrew Hoy in action.Credit:AP

Team gold in the eventing for Great Britain and silver for Australia after the show jumping. Hoy a wonderful story in a staggering eighth Olympic Games.

Hoy has qualified fourth for the individual final later tonight. Kevin McNab and Shane Rose have also qualified.

Huge shock in the women’s football semi-final as the USA, the world champions, crash out to arch-rivals Canada. The Americans dominated play, particularly in the second half, but went down 1-0 after conceding a penalty late in the game.

The Canadians celebrate their goal.

The Canadians celebrate their goal.Credit:AP

It is being hailed as the greatest moment in Canadian women’s football history – and it is hard to disagree. The Matildas are in action in an hour in the other semi-final when they take on Sweden for the right to play Canada for gold in the championship decider.

Dominic Bossi will bring you live coverage of the Matildas’ semi-final in a special separate blog, link to come shortly.

It will be the culmination of a journey that began in Sudan. At the age of four, his family escaped the civil war that would engulf that country for more than two decades. After arriving in Egypt in 1998 his family would wait another four years before emigrating to Australia.

Australian 800-metre runner Peter Bol.

Australian 800-metre runner Peter Bol. Credit:Instagram

His first experience of Australia was stepping off a plane in Toowoomba in Queensland. He was eight and remembers it vividly.

Greg Norman played in four playoffs in major tournaments and lost all four to less distinguished Americans, including that notorious misfortune when Larry Mize chipped in to take the US Masters in 1987.

The Shark was bested in playoffs v Mize, by Fuzzy Zoeller at the US Open (1984) and in the “tragedy at Troon” when Mark Calcavecchia overcame both Norman and fellow Australian Wayne Grady to claim the 1989 British Open. Finally, he lost a sudden death playoff to Paul Azinger in the US PGA championship of 1993.

Had Norman been offered a joint engraving on the trophy at the 1989 British Open, or the PGA of 1993, it would be utterly reasonable for him to accept. After all, like a gold medal, the tie would still count in the record books.

Who wouldn’t accept the offer of shared victory, a win-win deal? Those were the extraordinary circumstances that took place in the Olympic high jump final.

More here from Jake Niall.

The Matildas are due to kick off against Sweden later tonight but at the moment, Canada are 1-0 up over United States in the other football semi-final. If the Matildas win tonight they face the winner, lose and they face the loser. 15 minutes to go.

Shane Rose on Virgil gets around inside the time with just one penalty and Australia just clinging on to the silver medal spot here at the show jumping portion of the eventing. One rider left to come for each nation.

Shane Rose of Team Australia riding Virgil.

Shane Rose of Team Australia riding Virgil. Credit:Getty

Australia’s men’s track pursuit team have pulled off a courageous ride in their qualification run, finishing fifth fastest of eight teams on a re-run after they crashed on their first try.

Alex Porter, who crashed, got back on the bike too, even though another rider in the squad could have taken his spot. His arm showed signs of the skin he lost when he hit the hard wood of the velodrome. There were also red, raw marks on his nose, knees and chin.

The Aussies in action.

The Aussies in action.Credit:AP

The crash was a complete accident, his handlebars snapping early in the race.An incredibly gutsy ride from him.

“This is going to be a very painful ride for him,” Aussie Olympic track legend Anna Meares said before the race on Seven.

Japan is on track to reach 15,000 coronavirus cases per day by the end of the Olympics as health officials warn the situation is dire and the county’s top medical union says the Games could lead to further deaths.

Pedestrians wearing protective face masks cross the road at Umeda district in Osaka.

Pedestrians wearing protective face masks cross the road at Umeda district in Osaka.Credit:Getty

Tokyo is now building 16 vaccination hubs, including some underground, capable of administering 4000 doses per day but infections have continued to almost double over the past week.

The general secretary of the Japan Federation of Medical Workers’ Union, Susumu Morita, said despite the government securing more hospital beds, the limit of Japan’s medical capacity had already been reached because there were not enough doctors and nurses to treat patients.

“Considering the explosive increase in the number of people with COVID-19 and the fact the disease is being replaced by a mutated strain that is prone to sudden changes, it is certain that the number of serious cases will soon surpass that of the third wave,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

“We believe that there is a high risk that the number of cases will reach more than 5000 a day in Tokyo and more than 15,000 nationwide by the time the Olympics close this weekend.”

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