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Over to you, Victorians

Anonymous: I’m fortunate in that I’ve been able to work from home all along, but I’ve been struggling with the mental whiplash of going in and out of lockdown. Somehow it seemed easier when we knew we were in it for a long haul last year…. The underlying anxiety of the constant limbo is the killer for me, and I’m one of the lucky ones.

And another: I have been supportive of the other 5 lockdowns. I do not understand this time… It’s actually soul-crushing. To have literally no recovery time from the previous lockdown to then be plunged into the next is really hard to swallow. There has to be another way to manage COVID. Lockdowns can’t be the first and only option. Everyone I have spoken to is just about at breaking point. Everyone is demoralised. Everyone is tired. Everyone is sick to the back teeth with this yo-yoing in and out of lockdowns.

Nick: We had a nice chat about whether there was something we’d like to achieve this week, and I must admit, my old mentality of ‘Ahh… let’s just kick back and take each day as it comes’ swung back into motion, but this time, I thought, no, let’s actually aim for something achievable this week. So, we decided that we’d go for a run after work every day, and also to consciously cook every night, as opposed to sometimes deciding to go for take out.

Another thought: I am trying to not rage at the protesters, anti-vaxxers and COVID denialists. They get enough oxygen from the media, unfortunately. Expectations for home schooling are simply that the kids stay connected and complete their work. Friends must be contacted online to maintain a sense of community. Comfort food must be made and fireplaces must be roaring. I think, like a lot of people, we are becoming numb to this and have accepted that it is a fact of life right now.



It was our son’s 21st birthday yesterday. We had planned a party at a venue for Saturday night and totally thought we were going to be able to have it due to 0 cases on Wednesday. Then BOOM lockdown. No party. We had a quick dinner in town last night but he couldn’t see his friends due to 8.00pm lockdown. There is just no point in planning anything or looking forward to anything right now. It is a truly horrible way to live.

Vanessa: I feel like I have woken up with a lockdown hangover! Knowing that my small business (a photography studio) has had to close for the 6th time in 12 months. Also knowing that once lockdown is lifted, it isn’t a snap back to work for our industry. There will still be delays in us being able to get back to work without any support. The “joy” of homeschooling my grade 2 son and twin preppies is not something I ever thought I would need to do… it is hard to say the least!

Last one, and a different perspective: This won’t ever get published because it strays too far from the headlines we readers tend to see, but as a very-privileged introvert able to work from home, and not a breeder, I have no problem with this lockdown or any previous one. Sorry, but we do exist. I only get troubled when the lockdowns end, and people go back to being slack with social distancing and failing to achieve the rocket-science-degree-required art of wearing masks properly.

Reading through dozens of your messages, it’s obvious that this is hard and draining. I have been inspired by Nick’s idea of trying to do at least one positive thing, so I pledge not to rely on chocolate and wine to get me through, and aim to exercise every day. Look after yourselves.

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