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‘Poor choice of words’: Jeroen Weimar apologises to Jewish community

The video, which was sent by multiple sources from the Orthodox Jewish community to The Age, has been investigated by health authorities and several people who attended the event have been fined.

Dr Abramovich said the ADC unreservedly accepted Mr Weimar’s apology, calling the gesture “sincere” and “heartfelt”

“During our lengthy conversation today, Mr Weimar heard mine and the community’s concerns and immediately expressed his deep feelings of remorse, and we take him at his word when he says that he did not have any intent to cause hurt or offend,” he said.

“While we understand that many people were upset with the choice of words used during the press conference, this is an important step in putting this issue to rest, and we now consider the matter closed.”

Jewish organisations reported an increase in anti-Semitic messages and social media posts after news reports about the engagement party.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said authorities were working out how to interview all the people who were at the party given they were isolating, but fines of $5452 each had been issued to the couple who were celebrating their engagement and the bride-to-be’s parents.

Mr Patton said the attendees of the party had been “very co-operative” with police.

“That investigation is still ongoing [and] it’s obviously hampered, to a degree by the fact that they’re in isolation,” Mr Patton said.

“The expectation is that every person who was present at that party will be interviewed [and] unless there’s an exemption that applies, that they would receive infringements.”

On Tuesday Premier Daniel Andrews stressed that his angry comments about the party were not a reflection on that community as a whole.

“We called out some bad behaviour yesterday, we didn’t call [out] a community, because that would be simply unfair and wrong, and it’s clearly evidenced by the fact that so many Jewish community leaders are stepping up and have condemned what occurred, and have done so in the clearest terms,” Mr Andrews said.

“I’ve spoken with many of them in the last 36 hours. And I thank them for their leadership.”

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