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AFL 2021 LIVE updates: Oliver rampant as Dees run roughshod over Lions, McStay subbed out

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During the half-time break at Adelaide Oval, we have delved deep into our archives to bring you a classic clash between Fitzroy and Melbourne which produced the biggest victory in VFL/AFL history back in 1979. Click here to read the full report.

The scoreboard tells the story.

The scoreboard tells the story.Credit:The Age Archives

After a close first quarter, Melbourne flexed their considerable muscle in the second to put a massive gap in this contest.

The Demons cracked the game wide open with 4.6 to 1.2, to lead by 30 points at half-time, and the scoreboard actually flatters Brisbane.

Melbourne are now dominating the disposals 187-159, contested possessions 84-66, marks 47-28, scoring shots 19-9 and hitouts 27-16 while they’re also leading the inside 50s 33-26, clearances 22-21 and free kicks 7-6.

It’s one-way traffic now.

The Demons are also smashing the Lions for marks inside 50 (10-2), and with McStay (concussion) being subbed out early, Melbourne’s powerful backline is right on top after a shaky start.

Brisbane haven’t kicked a goal for 30 minutes.

Melbourne 5.4, 9.10 (64)
Bris.Lions 4.2, 5.4 (34)

Melbourne: Pickett 2, Fritsch 2, B.Brown, Sparrow, Oliver, Langdon, Spargo
Bris.Lions: Cameron 3, Bailey, J.Berry

Melbourne: Oliver 17, Petracca 17, Neal-Bullen 15, Viney 13, Lever 12, Sparrow 12
Bris.Lions: Neale 21, Rich 18

Melbourne: Lever 11, Rivers 5, Salem 4
Bris.Lions: Andrews 4, K.Coleman 4, Rich 4

Lachie Neale tackled by Max Gawn.

Lachie Neale tackled by Max Gawn.Credit:Getty Images

It has been all Melbourne in this second quarter, and it should be game over for all intents and purposes.

But their poor goalkicking is keeping the Lions in it.

The Demons have booted a poor 3.6 to Brisbane’s 1.1 to lead by 25 points with 4:00 left before half-time, 8.10.58 to 5.3.33.

Bayley Fritsch with Grant Birchall.

Bayley Fritsch with Grant Birchall.Credit:Getty Images

The momentum has been with Melbourne for most of this second quarter and after three consecutive behinds, they finally get rewarded with a goal from Pickett.

Melbourne now lead by a game-high 17 points halfway through the term, 7.7.49 to 5.2.32.

Oliver’s disposal tonight, especially when entering forward 50, has been absolutely first-class so far.

He has a team-high 14 disposals (seven contested), three clearances, 288 metres gained, six score involvements, two goal assists and a goal to be their best player.

Pickett is Melbourne’s first multiple goalkicker.

Leading disposals: Neale 16, Oliver 14, Rich 14, Petracca 11, Zorko 11

Max Gawn and Oscar McInerney.

Max Gawn and Oscar McInerney.Credit:Getty Images

After Fritsch extends Melbourne’s lead to 14 points early in the second quarter, Jarrod Berry doesn’t take long to restore the Lions’ eight-point deficit, 5.2.32 to 6.4.40.

Berry’s goal came about after Lever encroached the protected zone in the centre square, bringing the Lion to within 20m of goal.

Pleasingly for Brisbane, they’re tripling Melbourne for tackles inside 50 (9-3) so their pressure has been really good in attack.

What a cracking game this has been so far.

An absolute shootout between the Demons and Lions with nine goals combined in the opening term.

Cameron has been scintillating for the Lions, but his side trails by eight points at the first break.

Melbourne are leading the disposals 100-90, marks 22-9, contested possessions 49-40, hitouts 13-9 and scoring shots 9-6.

The Lions will be frustrated at the scoreline considering they’re on top in inside 50s 17-15, and they also have the edge in clearances 13-10 and tackles 16-11.

Melbourne 5.4 (34)
Bris.Lions 4.2 (26)

Melbourne: B.Brown, Sparrow, Pickett, Oliver, Langdon
Bris.Lions: Cameron 3, Bailey

Melbourne: Neal-Bullen 9, Oliver 8, Harmes 7, Lever 7, Petracca 7
Bris.Lions: Neale 12, Rich 9, Cameron 7, K.Coleman 7, Robinson 7, Zorko 7

Melbourne: Lever 6, Rivers 3
Bris.Lions: Rich 4, Andrews 3, K.Coleman 3

Jackson has produced the highlight of the game so far with this absolute ripper

With less than a minute remaining in the first term, Melbourne lead by eight points, 5.4.34 to 4.2.26, thanks to a lovely Langdon goal.

The Lions have kicked two of the last three goals to get back within one point after 26 minutes, 4.2.26 to 4.3.27.

Cameron already has a game-high three goals and is tearing Melbourne’s vaunted defence to shreds.

Most of the goals tonight from both sides have come from creative efforts off the deck and it looks like the slippery conditions are playing a key role in that.

And the pressure in the first quarter has been immense, as you’d expect from a final.

Love this tweet which claims the height difference between Melbourne skipper Max Gawn and Brisbane skipper Dayne Zorko is the biggest in AFL/VFL history between two captains.

I’m trying to think of any others but that does seem right.

Max Gawn leads out Melbourne.

Max Gawn leads out Melbourne.Credit:Getty Images

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