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Student dining has gone to the dogs

“I remember as a student in the 80s, I once served up lamb shanks (C8) as a roast dinner with all the trimmings for my flatmates,” writes Terry Collister of Surry Hills. “One was so impressed he told his mother. She was not impressed and accused me of feeding her son the dog’s dinner. I do remember they were only 30 cents each back then.”

The koels might be back, but Terry O’Brien of North Parramatta thinks “those that have returned are smarter than their peers of earlier days. After years of pre-dawn calls in North Parramatta, there has been thunderous silence this year. Seeking an explanation, all I can offer is that having survived and escaped the raging pandemic in Indonesia, they observed ministerial orders and bypassed areas of concern, including Parramatta. Unless they are masked when out for exercise, are there koel calls emanating from the other 11 areas of concern?”

“Living next to the Field of Mars Reserve, each winter I wait to hear the calls of numerous black cockatoos,” writes Lyn Langtry of East Ryde. “They have come from the Blue Mountains to warmer climes. This year they have only been heard twice and seen once. Did our regular visitors not survive the bushfires? Unlike the koel (C8), these birds are always welcome.“

Next entrant in the Most Boring Domestic Lockdown Activity (C8) comes from Glenda Taylor of Stanwell Tops: “I was so bored, I spent Friday afternoon staring at David Astle’s cryptic crossword in the mistaken belief I would magically be able to solve it.” Next up is Rosemary O’Brien of Ashfield, who “turned my 40 spice bottles around the right way, so I could read their labels”. Nice, but maybe throw out that Asafoetida.

“Noting that Isaac Newton was quarantined during the plague … just how bored do you have to be to invent calculus?” asks Pete Axelrod of Bardon (Qld).

“Quentin Crisp (C8) also held that cooking utensils which were being regularly used did not need to be cleaned,” says Craig Forbes of Lewisham. “The exception was after cooking fish. He referred to this as the fish barrier.” Also reflecting on the savvy of the naked civil servant, Jean Stiller of Bowral declares: “My favourite saying from him has always been ‘Do not try to keep up with the Joneses, drag them down to your level’. I try to live up to this.”

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