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Bayside real estate agent pleads guilty to child exploitation

A Bayside real estate agent has pleaded guilty to child exploitation charges after he and the former boss of a well-known charity filmed themselves having sex with a 16-year-old schoolgirl before circulating video footage.

In the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday, former Haileybury school teacher Paul Torok, 51, admitted to meeting the teenager on a social networking site called Skout in 2019, before contacting his friend, former Reclink chairman David O’Halloran, 65, and sending him images of the girl.

Bayside real estate agent Paul Torok.

Bayside real estate agent Paul Torok.

He said to O’Halloran: “I have a proposition. I have a friend who want [sic] to be with two men. But she’s young.”

“The younger the better,” O’Halloran responded.

Torok picked up the victim from her school on November 20, 2019, and then drove her to a St Kilda house, where both men had consensual sex with the teenager.

They both used mobile phones to film the sexual encounter and later sent videos to other associates.

Torok’s home in Port Melbourne was raided by detectives from the Bayside sexual offences and child abuse investigation team on September 2, 2020, when they seized his phone and a small quantity of drugs.

O’Halloran, who was also charged with unrelated child exploitation offences, was sentenced in April to a minimum of nine months in prison, but has appealed his sentence.

The court heard on Thursday that Torok had about 190 consensual sexual partners in the year before his arrest, and was a member of a swingers group.

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