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Screen dreams: A TV buyer’s guide

The exclusive Quantum Mini LED is 1/40 of the thickness of a standard Samsung LED[1], which allows for more precise light control in a smaller package. Due to the dramatic change in size of the Quantum Mini LEDs, Neo QLED TVs are packed with more light sources than other Samsung LED TVs providing ultimate control in producing a picture quality to elevate the big screen experience.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to remember all that. But if you’ve ever taken a look at a Neo QLED TV you will notice that the picture is crisp and bright, thanks to all those Quantum Mini LEDs having a dramatic effect on brightness, contrast and colour.

Samsung’s Neo QLED offerings includes the QN900A Neo QLED 8K Smart TV and the QN90A Neo QLED 4K Smart TV.

Both offer bells and whistles including that great Quantum dot picture quality, with deep blacks and vivid colours; anti-glare technology (great for open plan environments) and wide viewing angles (great if you’re the one sitting on the floor at the end of the couch); Smart TV connectivity and built-in voice assistants; and Intelligent Mode, in which the TV fine tunes its settings based on the room it’s in and the show being watched.

The key difference lies in the 8K and 4K bit: 8K means the TV has a horizontal resolution of about 8000 pixels; 4K means 4000 pixels. Across the whole screen, 8K TVs have four times as many pixels as 4K TVs, and therefore better resolution.

Do I need a soundbar?

Do you need a soundbar? No. The best TVs these days have great sound. Can your acoustics get even better if you add a soundbar? Absolutely.

For that next level sound experience, Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs are also clever enough for its speakers to work together with a Samsung Q-Series Soundbar. Q-Symphony delivers an incredible surround sound experience that takes advantage of both the TV’s amazing sound quality, while further enhancing it with the extra depth that you can only get out of a Soundbar with a separate subwoofer.

Will my new TV match the style of my home?

The best new TVs are pretty sleek. Samsung’s new flagship Neo QLED can be positioned almost flush to the wall, they’re slim (15mm!) and the flagship model QN900A has an Infinity Display, with virtually no border.

When the TV’s off, Ambient Mode+ allows your screen to display art or photos, or just match the wall and blend in.

Not that it’s likely to be off for long. This is the golden age of TV, and you’ve got a lot of binge-watching to get through.

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