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Target Time and Superquiz, Sunday, September 12



Find words of four letters or more. Every word must include the centre letter and each letter is used once only. Find at least one nine-letter word. No colloquial or foreign words, capitalised nouns, apostrophes or hyphens. No verbs or plural words ending in “s”. Solution list is not exhaustive.

Reference source: Macquarie Dictionary.

Today’s Target: 11 words, average; 16 words, good; 22+ words, excellent

Last Sunday’s Target Time: aged, aegis, darg, dirge, DISREGARD, drag, dreg, egad, gadid, gear, gird, girded, girder, grad, grade, graded, grader, grid, rage, raged, ragi, regard, ridge, ridged, sage, sager.

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