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Richard Pusey accused of stalking, leaving cat litter, faeces and food around neighbouring property

The documents say the stalking allegedly involved “discarding objects including cat litter, faeces and other food items in and around the victim’s property, keeping the victim under surveillance using a CCTV camera with the intention of causing physical or mental harm to the victim, including self-harm, or of arousing apprehension or fear in the victim for his or her own safety or the safety of another person”.

He is also charged with four counts of assaulting an emergency worker – a police officer – on Wednesday.

It comes after police responded to a disturbance at his home last week. Officers attended his address on September 8 following reports of yelling and loud music at the address.

Police at the time said the investigation was ongoing.

Pusey was released from Ravenhall Correctional Centre on August 25 having served time for outraging public decency and other offences relating to the crash on the Eastern Freeway on April 22 last year.

Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, Senior Constable Kevin King and constables Glen Humphris and Josh Prestney had pulled Pusey over for speeding in his Porsche on April 22 last year.


They were discussing impounding his vehicle when they were hit by a truck that veered into the emergency lane.

Pusey filmed the police officers with his mobile phone in their final moments. He was sentenced in April for outraging public decency and other offences stemming from his driving and conduct on the freeway.

He remained in jail after the sentence on other offences, including assaulting a woman.

In August, Magistrate Hayley Bate ruled that Pusey had done enough jail time for assaulting a woman; two road-rage incidents; sending menacing emails to a bank worker; and smashing a slab of beer in a Fitzroy bottle shop.

She imposed a four-month sentence – already served – and also ordered an extra two months hang over him for the next two years while he agrees to be of good behaviour and undergoes mental health treatment.

When he was released from jail, he wore an Arabian-style headdress, a face mask with the words “fake news” on it and a shirt with the slogan “Get me Oprah” printed on the front.

He has been banned from working as a mortgage broker for the next decade after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission said it had revoked his licence for making false statements in credit licence applications and compliance statements between 2011 and 2017.

The commission also banned him on character grounds because he lacked honesty, judgment and had “no regard for the law”.

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