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Construction firm owner ‘devastated’ to lay off non-vaccinated son

“He’s decided that until things are proven, he doesn’t want to get vaccinated and I’ve given him the right to do so. I’ve tried to convince him otherwise, but he said, ‘No, I choose not to be vaccinated.’ ”

Mr Wishart said the government should “definitely not” make vaccines compulsory and politicians were showing a lack of empathy.

“Why didn’t [Victorian Premier] Daniel Andrews mandate that politicians have to get vaccinated first? He hasn’t lost financially and all the cabinet haven’t lost any money.

“A lot of trade staff out there [who are not working] are getting $750 a week from the government, but that doesn’t even pay for their mortgage. But members of the government who are making these decisions … I know they’d be going through hell mentally. But they’re going through no financial problems.”

Mr Wishart said his business adhered to safety measures such as QR codes at the office and on worksites. He said Facelift For Homes was a family-run business that worked on people’s homes and so his son was out on sites quite often, installing windows and doors as a tradesman.

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