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Former Storm teammates stand in way of Momirovski finally reaching grand final

Momirovski’s career has taken him to four clubs in as many seasons. Three of them – the Roosters, Storm and Panthers – are considered the benchmark for professionalism and success. He believes spending time with Cronk, James Tedesco, Cameron Smith, Cameron Munster and Nathan Cleary has benefited his game.

Paul Momirovski has made the most of his Panthers opportunity.

Paul Momirovski has made the most of his Panthers opportunity.Credit:NRL Photos

“You’re talking about the characters, the personalities are different, but there is more than one way to skin a cat in the NRL,” he said.

“Plenty of teams win with different styles of players. It’s just about finding your best way to perform and producing that at this time of year.”

Momirovski has done just that, forcing his way into a star-studded team ahead of Charlie Staines, pushing Stephen Crichton to the wing in the process.

The Penrith chance would not have been possible had he not made the most of a unique opportunity. While at the Tigers, he was involved in a landmark NRL loan arrangement with Storm hooker Grant. Both players have used that trade as a platform to get where they are now.

“We have both benefited from that and the clubs have as well,” he said.

“You look at Harry, last year he played Origin, and look at how good he has been this year again.

“It was a good experience for me to be at Melbourne as well. It was a positive outcome and, to be fair, it should continue to happen. I feel like sometimes people need to leave clubs to get an opportunity.


“The last two years, not having much NSW or Queensland Cup behind them, [loan deals] are a chance to develop. It lets you continue to do what you love, a lot of players have missed a lot of football over the past couple of years. That’s not ideal for anyone.”

Momirovski moved into Grant’s Melbourne apartment when he first shifted to Victoria and formed a bond while waiting for their transfer to be rubber-stamped by head office.

“We struck up a friendship going through it,” he said.

“We were relaying information to each other about what we’d heard. We were like two pawns on the chessboard waiting to get moved around, but in a positive way.”

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