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Pies board asked Korda to go sooner

Four of the seven current board members were to face an election at the annual general meeting: Murphy, Holgate, Neil Wilson and Bridie O’Donnell. O’Donnell has since quit the board and the board will not offer an endorsed candidate for her vacancy at the election.

Holgate is supported by Browne, but for Browne and his other two candidates, Carp and Roberts, to get on the board, two of the current board would have to be prepared to quit, or they would have to contest the election.

Club insiders believe Murphy would win an election, but neither Browne nor the board want a messy and divided board.

It is uncertain if Wilson, who was this year appointed to the board but due to a technicality on membership criteria is a non-voting board member until the election, would still seek to contest the election.

There is a suggestion Murphy could step away from the board, but seek election at the end of next year as a replacement for Korda.

The board had resisted the Browne challenge because it was predicated on him taking the presidency but equally the board had no one, other than Korda, who wanted to be president.

If Korda follows through on his plan to remain on the board for another 12 months, he faces the prospect of being voted out as president for Browne after the board election.

Korda was contacted for comment.

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