Tuesday , February 19 2019

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Up, up and away: How safe is hot-air ballooning?

Loading What’s a layover landing? Layover landings occur after touchdown on about 10 per cent of hot-air balloon flights. It happens when the wind is strong enough to continue dragging the balloon and basket along the ground before the balloon deflates. Kiff Saunders from Global Ballooning Australia said layover landings …

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Saudi crown prince arrives in Pakistan with billions at stake

During his two-day stay in Pakistan, the crown prince will hold formal talks with Khan to find ways to enhance bilateral cooperation. Saudi Arabia will invest in the energy sector across the country, including setting up an oil refinery in the south-west near the border with Iran. The move will likely …

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The age of the drone has dawned, but government is still in the dark

The proliferation of inexpensive drones carrying sophisticated imaging, detection and transmission equipment capable of collecting, storing and sending personal data raises practical, ethical and legal questions regarding privacy and the safety of the national airspace. Loading In Australia, the protection of privacy is not subject to a single law. The …

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