Thursday , December 3 2020

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Apple previews new iPhone software, switches to ‘game changer’ Mac chips

Upgraded software for the Apple Watch will also detect when wearers wash their hands. Apple CEO Tim Cook’s presentation on Monday revolved around an array of new features that, for instance, could help iPhone users manage their apps better, find new ones, and use their phones to unlock and start …

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I am eternally grateful for my humble arts degree

Q. What did the Arts graduate say on his first day at work, after earning his degree. A. Would you like fries with that? But I come to praise Caesar, not decry his degree. So allow me to give something of the stump speech I make to arts graduates. An …

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Community is not set by bureaucratic boundaries

I work from home, I have continued social distancing restrictions and I have no symptoms, but I live in Hume and the whole area is targeted, I expect incorrectly, as one. We want to comply, but lazy restrictions do not work. Give us the specific details and target correctly. Keith …

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