Monday , June 24 2019

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Coo, a drunken wood pigeon is crowned Kiwi bird of the year

Wellington:  Despite Australian attempts to interfere with its election, a hefty pigeon with a reputation for drunkenness has been voted New Zealand’s bird of the year. The kereru, a colourful wood pigeon, has been crowned the winner of the annual public competition that this year saw the likes of Stephen …

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West Coast player Liam Ryan embroiled in family violence incident

No complaint has been made to police and there is no suggestion of any charge being laid against Ryan. According to WA Police, a police order is issued when police hold concerns for the safety and welfare of a person. Police can issue the order even if the person/s involved …

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Kogan’s smart air conditioners are impressive, though barely portable

Their bulk is due to the fact they’re refrigerative coolers, with the option to switch to evaporative mode if you fill their water reservoir. It’s not a fully self-evaporative model, so there will be times when you need to empty the water. Evaporative mode saves power and keeps the noise …

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