Sunday , June 20 2021
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Only one way Scott Morrison can end a decade of political dysfunction

“The honest answer,” says Rudd, “is not yet”. “The enduring impact on the Australian public, the cynicism created after a handful of thugs removed an elected prime minister overnight, lodged deep in the Australian psyche and hasn’t been removed.” And among the political class, it did three things. It “legitimised …

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Bulletproof buy now, pay later outfits a hit with investors

The investor exuberance sends a clear message. The sector is no longer focused on survival, its biggest players are focused on the potential to rival some of the biggest tech companies in the world. And investors are lapping it up as Zip Co. demonstrated with its recent plans to acquire …

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Change can be a slow process – and that’s the way it should be

Magically these types are able to cut through the pesky multifactorial complex and not fully understood nature of the relationships between things like psychological processes, diet, exercise and Labor branch stacking. No, for the gurus, the solution is always a simple cause and effect. I did a dance, and then …

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