Saturday , July 31 2021

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The agony and ecstasy of a humanities degree

But his own career — he has a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters of Foreign Affairs and a Master of International Relations — attests to the fact that humanities open doors onto worlds which more tightly focused degrees might not. The Academy of Social Sciences in Australia calculates that two …

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Terrorism: Who keeps tabs on the good, bad and ugly

The groups are more sophisticated and are learning from their mistakes. Every arrest and court case exposes police methods and the fringe groups respond accordingly, learning how to communicate in secret. Usually the leaders meet in small groups, with more damage being done in ordinary loungerooms than mass meetings. ASIO’s …

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Labor turmoil: Somyurek scandal exposes the rot in our politics

At the beginning and end of each parliamentary sitting week, Somyurek would drive Byrne out to the airport, then pick him up when he returned to Melbourne from Canberra. They shared an interest in politics and foreign policy. Before long, Somyurek was working casual shifts for Byrne’s boss, learning the …

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