Monday , December 9 2019

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Scottish leader supports calls for new Brexit referendum

Hundreds of pro-EU demonstrators and their dogs marched through London to Parliament on Sunday in a “wooferendum” protest demanding a new Brexit vote. Loading Former Labour government adviser Alastair Campbell – accompanied by Skye, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy – said the march was “a very British sort of …

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Like rolling down stairs in a trolley: cinema enters fourth dimension

You could argue that the multiplex experience already includes smell (popcorn, the occasional patron with a box of fried chicken, the kid behind who could do with a shower), taste (if it’s your fried chicken) and touch (that kid behind kicking your seat). But 4DX promises immersive effects synchronised to the …

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Foxtel iQ4 review: Ultra HD broadcasts a boon for sports fans

The new hardware packs more grunt under the bonnet than the original iQ3 to handle the demands of Ultra HD, which ensures that the menus are snappy and responsive. Loading Foxtel has wisely retained the infrared port. This is a godsend if you love your universal remote, or you simply …

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